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Oct 29th, 2012

Reader Extreme 1.0

TL:DR - Download Here

Recently attended an awesome hackathon by Wikipedia during ATMOS 2012. Halfway through the workshop ajju (a.k.a Vishwajit Kolathur) and I start off on an app inspired by the Safari Reader [to quote ajju - 'Yet another inspiration from Apple' ] and within hours we finish a working prototype of the sweet little 'gadget' (?) which sadly works only on one account. Then Yuvi (a.k.a Yuvi Panda, the master from wiki) suggested we port it onto chrome as an extension, and so here it is! It'd have been on the Chrome Extensions but for the damned $5 license. So download the .crx and drag it onto chrome://extensions - I guess that should do. BTW it's called Reader Extreme after installation, thanks to a suggestion from neena (a.k.a Ravi _____, another master who's working on Tor [!!] ).

After installation, you should see a 'View in Reader' tab on Wiki pages near the search bar (top right - aside 'Read' 'Edit' 'View History' tabs). Also, there's an options page (two options to be precise) which can be accessed from chrome://extensions/ -> Reader Extreme -> Options.

And we owe our thanks to Charles Caroll the Settler

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